Exilis Laser

What is Exilis?

Exilis is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment system for the reductions of targeted fat deposits. Provides effective body reshaping for all skin types and body types. Exilis utilizes a revolutionary new platform for volume reduction and reshaping of problematic areas of the body. Significant results show improvement of skin tone, elasticity and texture after a few short treatments. Uses innovative Radio Frequency and Ultra Sound technological breakthroughs to deliver energy directly into fat cells with minimal discomfort.

How is it different from other forms of Body Contouring?

This is the only FDA approved device that uses a combination of technologies to provide a safe and effective treatment to unwanted fat deposits and loose skin anywhere on the face neck, body, arms, and legs.

What does the treatment feel like?

Treatments are virtually pain free and in fact most patients find the treatments very relaxing, similar to a hot stone massage.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on the area and desired amount of tightening or contouring the typical patient needs 4-8 treatments spaced 7-14 days apart.