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About miraDry®

Finally say goodbye to worries and stresses resulting from embarrassing and uncomfortable excess underarm sweat. Introducing miraDry®, the revolutionary new FDA approved treatment for excessive underarm sweat. This exciting new procedure is performed in 3 quick and easy steps and provides lasting results. Once miraDry® microwave technology destroys a sweat gland, it’s gone for good—and best of all, sweat glands don’t regenerate!

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  miraDry® is the perfect treatment for individuals who suffer from excessive underarm sweat.  

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The Sweat Stops Here!

Live dry, confident, and carefree with miraDry® underarm treatments by Physicians Laser Center.

  • Feel Confident – say goodbye to moments where you fear excess perspiration.
  • Stop Worrying – about sweating through your favorite blouse or suit.
  • Live Carefree – wear the clothes you want and don’t sweat it.

Be Fearless With miraDry® Treatment For Excess Sweat!

We’re sure you’ll love miraDry® and consider it the best treatment for excess sweat.

  • Non-surgical
  • Immediate Results
  • FDA Cleared
  • 3 Easy Steps to Sweat Free Underarms

Is miraDry® Right For You?

Ask the experts at Physicians Laser Center in Rockville, Bethesda, and Annapolis. Schedule a FREE, no obligation private consultant and find out how miraDry® can help you stay dry and feeling confident.

miraDry® is ideal for:

  • Bothered by underarm sweat
  • Tired of underarm stains in shirts
  • Seeking a natural, toxin-free lifestyle
  • Done feeling sticky at the end of the day
  • Wanting to be free from underarm sweat

Now, your miraDry® medical experts at Physicians Laser Center in Rockville, Bethesda, and Annapolis have an ideal solution to excessive underarm perspiration for you!

How Does miraDry® Work?

miraDry® treatment system uses proprietary miraWave energy, designed to target and destroy sweat and odor glands in your underarms. Once miraDry® treatments are done, treated sweat glands are destroyed, and

they will not grow back again. This means they’re gone for good

During a miraDry® treatment, you will be placed in a reclined position for approximately one hour. Next, your miraDry® certified medical professional will administer the actual treatment which only lasts for a short time. Prior to treatment, your underarms will be numbed to minimize the possibility of any discomfort during the procedure. Post-treatment, some patients have reported experiencing some mild symptoms such as treatment area swelling, soreness, tingling, and numbness. These symptoms typically clear-up within a few days to a few weeks.

Do I Need Sweat Glands?

Sweat glands are not essential in your armpits! The average person is born with approximately 2 million sweat glands found throughout the body. Only about two percent of those glands are typically located in the underarm area. After a miraDry®® underarm treatment you will continue to perspire normally elsewhere.

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miraDry® is indicated for the treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis, or those bothered by their sweat. miraDry® is not a guaranteed cure and may not be right for all individuals who suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweat. Nothing can completely cure such conditions. miraDry® is a new, FDA approved treatment that can help to minimize the effects of hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweat in certain individuals. Results may vary per individual. Consult your provider for more information.

*The FDA has not yet cleared miraDry® for the treatment of other types of hyperhidrosis, such as for hands (palmar) and feet (plantar).

*Be sure to ask your provider about possible side effects when considering such a treatment as miraDry®.

*miraDry® is not indicated for use for those under 18 years of age.